Chapter 5 – 10

This blog post is about chapter 5 to 9. At the beginning in chapter 5 and 6, a juxtaposition between the standard Brave New World citizens’ way of thinking and Bernard’s way of thinking. In Chapter 5 from a conversation between Henry Foster and Lenina, the readers are able to learn about how the regular citizens in the society thinks of themselves as just a part of the community. Some quotes that show this are “Fine to think we can go on being socially useful even after we’re dead. Making plants grow”, “All men are physic-chemically equal”. Through this we can se how the citizens value more of the stability and the well being of the society as a whole than the importance of individuality. “Everyone works for everyone else. We can’t do without anyone…” However, as a contrast, in chapter 6 the conflicting conversation between Bernard and Lenina shows how the Bernard’s opinion differs from the society’s view. Lenina represents the standard normal view of the citizens in the civilized land and she is not able to understand what Bernard is trying to say to her. From chapter 6 to the end of chapter 9, it’s about the fight between Bernard and DHC to kick one another out of the society. The beginning of that fight is when Bernard and DHC have a conversation about the reserves and DHC’s past. In this conversation not only does DHC show a soft non-civilized way of thinking, but he also provides a hint for Bernard to attack him later. In chapter 7 when Bernard and Lenina finally begin the tour around the reserves, they witness something that was too hard to understand from the civilized society’s land. They see dirtiness, diseases, and oldness. They see ritual of people getting hurt and wanting to be sacrificed. They see religions. While Lenina is just shocked and horrified by the reserves, Bernard tries his best to comprehend them and think in their point of view. After that they see John and Linda. As soon as they began talking, John and Bernard knew right away that they were alike in the sense that they were different and abandoned by their own societies. Chapter 8 is mostly about John’s past. The story of how the discrimination from the fact that he was from the civilized land and how his mother acted, led to who he was. At this point, although the book doesn’t really say it, Bernard probably noticed that John was the son of the DHC. Knowing that if he just went back without any mesures he would be sent to Iceland, Bernard desperately visit the people in the high positions of the civilized society and asks the permission to bring John and Linda(the proof of DHC’s mistakes) back to the civilized society. In chapter 10, the fight between the DHC and Bernard begins. A quote that shows how the DHC viewed Bernard and the society is “” Eventually the fight ends with Bernard winning, and the DHC leaves the civilized society never to come back.

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