Brave New World IHubReads Chapter 4

The first half of chapter 4 was about a conversation between Lenina and Bernard. Lenina and Bernard met in public and Lenina accepted Bernard’s invitation where everyone could hear. However, for Bernard, it was embarrassing to talk about such things in public. In this scene, by peeking into Lenina’s thoughts, we can assume one of the reasons why she accepted Bernard’s invitation. “Anyhow, she was publicly proving her unfaithfulness to Henry. Fanny ought to be pleased, even though it was Bernard.” (Page 51) By looking at this phrase, we can see that part of her reason was to prove to everyone that she was no longer abnormal and fit into the community. The other half of this chapter was focused on Bernard’s perspective. It showed a glimpse of Bernard’s life and his complexes. After this came the communication between Bernard and Helmholtz Watson. A friendship between two very opposite men was very interesting to see. Bernard was the outcast of society; in some sense lower than the Epsilons in the community’s view, while Helmholtz was the famous; the role model. But at the same time, the fact that even the two opposite people in the society ended up with the same idea that there was something more, could be evidence to support that their idea was true. A new character that came out in this chapter was Helmholtz Watson. He was a man of admiration itself. He had a handsome body, intelligence, and girls. He was the exact opposite of Bernard. This chapter also did a good job of allowing the readers to further understand Bernard’s life and his characteristics. There were several things that caught my attention in this chapter. The first ones were phrases on page 56 and page 58 “Those who meant well behaved in the same way as those who meant badly.”, “The mockery made him feel an outsider, and feeling an outsider he behaved like one, which increased the prejudice against him and intensified the contempt and hostility around by being alien and alone.” These phrases were from Bernard’s point of view. However, while I was reading these, they reminded me of the disabled people in our current world. I thought that these phrases not only described Bernard’s life, but also described how the disabled people in our world feel when they are often seen differently, just because they are physically and mentally different. The second thing that I found interesting was on page 57 “Wretched, in a word, because she had behaved as any healthy virtuous English girl out to behave and not in some other, abnormal extraordinary way.” This phrase was interesting because even though the word ‘wretched’ was supposed to be bad, the rest of the phrase which described the victim didn’t have any bad words. The next thing that I found was on page 56 and 57. “’My word,’ said Lenina, ‘I’m glad I’m not a gamma’”, “’I am I, and I wish I wasn’t’”. The first quote was from Lenina while the second was from Bernard. We can see a clear contrast between these two. If you recall, there was a similar phrase on page 25 “I’m really awfully glad I’m a beta because…”. This was the phrase that was repeated to people every night when they were infants. By looking at those three phrases we can see the clear difference between Lenina and Bernard. While Lenina is living as the state wanted her to, Bernard was clearly defying what he should not have been able to defy, according to the information we knew about the power of hypnopaedia.

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