Brave New World IHubReads Chapter 2

After finishing the tour in the Decanting room, the students and the DHC moved into a room called Infant Nurseries Neo-Pavlovian conditioning. In that room, the DHC presented a performance to the students, that demonstrates the use of hypnopaedia. One example of how the infants were trained was using terror and pain to make them hate books and flowers. DHC gave the infants some books and flowers, and gave them horrible sounds, and gave electrical shocks to them. Also, when they were sleeping, very quite repetitions of rules and policies they need to follow were being whispered in order to shape their moral personalities. Chapter 2 touched more upon the political shape of the world. The demonstration that may be viewed by the readers as a cruel thing to do well explained the functions and the differences of social classes. The way they were training the children was to ignore the children’s freedom, and predestine their life. This tells the readers that the political state of the world is more towards communism where the community as a whole is more important than the individuals. There weren’t really any new characters that were introduced in this chapter, but through this chapter some new characteristics were revealed from the DHC. One major thing that was revealed was “”But all these suggestions are our suggestions!”, “Suggestions from the State”, “It therefore follows…””. By this phrase, we can see how DHC understands the problems around freedom and predestined lives.

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