I haven’t done blogging for a while and we have a time to do it, so I am doing it.. I will talk about my current IDS(Independent Directed Study) and the idea I have for my next one. I don’t really expect others to see this and comment on it or anything, but this would be a good letter to my future self. My current IDS is designing a 3D model of my school (inquiry hub) and 3D print it, or post it on a 3D model store. I am using a program called scatch up, and I am almost finished. I went around the school and took pictures/videos with my Ipad, and used google map to see the top view of my school. the picture below is my current state. I need to do the back side of the school. I was intending to finish this in 2 or 3 months and go to my next IDS, but I dragged it too long and now it’s like 4 month. I really want to do the next IDS because I have so much ideas I want to try, but I need to finish this first.

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For my next IDS, I am thinking or creating an Ipone/app that can help with my school system. I am planning to use a program called Xcode. The main thing I want in the app would be location tracking. I want to build some kind of Ihub site app around that idea. My plan is to use the GPS system from Ipones to send the geographic location to the internet and match that location with the school’s, so that we can know where they are inside the school. This can actually help with lots of things, such as when teachers are taking attendance in the morning, they can just look at the app to do the attendance. Also this way, we won’t have to worry about people disappearing. In an emergency situation, like fire or earthquake, we will know if someone is still inside the building or not. Also if you lost your phone or something, you can find it. The main good thing that I like is how when students who are using this program would be able to know where everyone else is, and don’t have to search for them when they need it. I will also input a simple chat system so that they can ask each other whether they want to work on their projects, or work together.

Of course, there are possible side-effects to this idea. The main thing would be security. If this program gets into the “wrong-hands” this can be used to track down people and steal stuff or kidnap them or something. However there are always “possible side-effects” to anything, and I thought of some regulations to prevent these things.

1. The application(program) will only run from 9 O’clock to 3O’clock in the school days, so that they can’t be used when the student is not at school.

2. The app will only track people who are around the school area. If they go home, or leave the area, it would be automatically turned off.

3. The student or teacher will have the choice to use the app or not, so if they don’t want to be seen they can just turn off the app. (however, when they are using that app to see others, they have to reveal their presence.)

4. I will ask their agreements on revealing their location.


Not only the location tracking system, but I also want to put some other things such as sending announcements through the app so that they don’t have to gather around to listen to it. I also want a calendar in there so that people can check the schedule easily. I also want to put ‘lost and found’ system so that people who lost their things can use that anything anywhere.

I am still wondering about the design of it, and I would love to have more ideas and technology in there. If you are reading this and have some interesting ideas that can improve this app, you are welcome to comment on this.

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