Could you be friends with a protagonist of your novel? why or why not? (3 points)


I would love to be friends with David? of the  Chrysalides.

-First of all, because he is from the future, I would be able to tell him the things about the present and discuss him about the future. Since he were in an undeveloped civilization and wanted to know more about the past and who he is, he will probably welcome me.

-Secondly, I would like to learn more about the telepathic powers from him because it is a very interesting power. Also, if I can find enough information, maybe I could have that power and also use telepathy. I am very interested in how it would feel to use telepathy because in the book he has described it as shapes, and you don’t need to learn languages to express your feelings, but he can understand your feeling perfectly.

-Thirdly, I would want to talk to him about their opinions about the mutants and have some arguments as well. First of all, I would like to tell you about the wrong version of Christianity.  I will tell him about the real Christianity, and fix their wrong ideas for God.

-Also, I would want to experience the advanced science technology of the future. Even though the village that the protagonist was living was undeveloped in science, the city that David when to at the end of the story is something worth knowing about. he has kept the civilizations even after the nuclear bomb, and I would like to experience the advanced science.

In summary, I would love to be friends with David because I know that I can benefit a lot from his knowledge about the future, his telephethic power, and I also would like to share the truth about God.