Reflection for the inquiry project

My reflection

By Jay Jang

My group members are Aaron, Leif, and I. We planned that we would learn about robots: How they are made, and can we repurpose it? We will start bringing some robots toys from our home that we don’t use anymore. We will take them apart into pieces and observe which is connected to which, and what does what. We will also try to re build them or hack them if possible. We will also look at programming about how they were programmed; especially self-thinking robots. This project will allow us to know how robots are made physically, and also digitally. I think this is perfect for a 8 hours project.



                  I started SS9 today and did the practice test in math. I think I will do the unit 1 test in math tomorrow. In our inquiry, we were supposed to bring robots to break it down, but couldn’t find any, so Aaron brought a speaker and we broke that one.  We will probably finish breaking tomorrow and look at the inside to see what is connected to what, and how it works.  ^^



                  I didn’t do any of the online courses today because we didn’t have any time for that. I think if I had that, I would have fallen a sleep. It was kind of a tired day. I guess it’s because today is Monday. I was very tired the whole day until I did PE. We did some indoor soccer and some stretching, which helped me regain my conscious. In our group inquiry project, we decided to research about it online. I brought a program that can help us stimulate programming a NAO, but my group members said that we are not going to do that. We searched about how to connect an iPod dock to a stereo. I think we might have found it. We will see tomorrow.



                  We successfully broke some parts that we wanted to break yesterday. I think we will probably gain lots of muscles at the end of this activity. Breaking the stereo was cool. We had to be careful not to break the inside part. We have a long weekend this week. I think we may meet some day on the weekend. I hope we meet again next week unharmed ^^



                  There is only three days left till the due date and Aaron couldn’t come today. Unfortunately, Aaron locked our project in hi locker last time, and we had nothing to do. We decided to start making a power point presentation for our Wednesday. Leif wrote it and sent it to my Facebook. I think I will make the PowerPoint at home today.

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